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Free Fire OB41 update APK download link for Android devices

Players are looking for the release of the latest Free Fire OB41 update. Now, the developers will release Free Fire OB41 update soon. The fourth major update in 2023 will be here, and will also introduce a wave of new improvements, including game modes and UI changes that will help the game make a stride forward.

Free Fire OB41 update download link

Free Fire lovers will for the latest APK files, and the Free Fire OB41 will be introduced with the launch of new updates. Players must avoid using them since APK files from unauthorized sources can lead to account bans.

For the Free Fire OB41 update page on Google Play Store, click here.

How to download Free Fire OB41 update on Android devices

Here are the steps to download the latest features in the OB41 version:

Step 1: Open the google play store or can go through the direct link above to access the game’s page on the Google Play Store.

Free Fire OB41 update
Image via Google Play Store

Step 2: Now, you will choose the most appropriate result and next, you will click the install/update button to get the latest version of the game.

When will the Free Fire OB41 update be released in India (MAX version)?

Free Fire OB41 update be released in India (MAX version)
(Image via Garena)

As per Garena, Free Fire OB41 update is scheduled to be out on August 10, 2023. Players will be able to check and download the latest version directly through the respective stores at 9:30 am IST (GTM +5:30) or 4 am UTC +0 (the time might vary slightly on different servers).

What are the changes in the Free Fire OB41 update?

changes in the Free Fire OB41 update
(Image via Garena)

Some of the important changes introduced in the patch are as follows:

  • Clash Squad mode changes (Cyber Airdrop and UI changes)
  • Battle Royale changes (In-match quest, solo dare, and more adjustments)
  • Zombie Hunt: Double Evil mode
  • Training Grounds Optimization
  • Map changes (Peak Rework; Hangar and Factory changes)
  • New Suzy character with Bounty Assassin ability
  • Character rework (Antonio, Nairi, Shani, and Shirou)
  • Character balance (Andrew “the Fierce,” Skyler, and Moco)
  • Optimization of Sonia and Orion’s control
  • New Shield Points
  • Limit on Skill movement speed
  • Weapon balance adjustments
  • Melee weapon adjustments
  • Optimization for merged items
  • Loadout adjustments
  • Achievement system improvements

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